TALK:MACIEK PYSZ (Online 7th-30th August)


JAZZ & GUITAR TALK  ‘Music, Travel and Improvisation’ with Maciek Pysz Solo, Friday 7th Aug

LINEUP: Maciek Pysz Solo (guitar) demo and talk

Maciek Pysz jazz musician, guitarist and composer. He is known for his clear lyrical phrasing, virtuosity and his imaginative, cinematic compositions inspired by people, places and experiences. Here, Maciek will give us a fascinating insight into life on the road as a touring musician, with his reflections on travel and jazz across Europe, improvising, teaching and composing. He will discuss major influences, guitars, recording projects, and much more.

Born in Rybnik Poland, now based in Paris and London he tours and collaborates with musicians across Europe, where he appears regularly at top jazz spots. These collaborations and also ‘country’ and cultural experiences have led to many compositions and in particular, his acclaimed albums: A Journey / Coming Home / Insight / Discoveries.

Maciek mainly plays acoustic and flamenco/classical guitars with various models of Godin guitar. While his favourite guitar is a Godin Grand Concert SA, he also plays a Tanglewood steel string acoustic guitar. He mostly plays with a plectrum and has his own picking style, he uses a lot of rhythm variations in his playing, and sometimes uses a fingerstyle, often switching from one to the other in one song. His style is soft, clean, melodic and highly emotional. An acclaimed performer, we are delighted to welcome Maciek to feature at this year’s Brecon Jazz Festival, where he gives this Friday special talk and performs on Saturday lunchtime with a Trio.

Pysz has toured the UK on major funded tours to support the release of his albums and received a Grant for the Arts from Arts Council England on four occasions, and Jazz Services awards for recording and touring.  Recorded specially for Brecon Jazz Festival direct from Maciek’s home in Krakow (Poland).

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