TRANSATLANTIC HOT CLUB (Online 7 – 30th August)



LINEUP: Ben Creighton-Griffiths (jazz harp) Adrien Chevalier (violin & voice) Philip Ambuel (bass) Sara Labriola – guitar (NYC) Linus Wyrsch – clarinet (NYC)
The Transatlantic Hot Club was formed by Ben Creighton Griffiths and Adrien
Chevalier in 2013 when they met at a harp festival in the French Caribbean. They
took the music to Wales, and were often joined by other musicians, such as the acclaimed bassist Ashley John Long.
 A very successful tour of dates in Wales and London in 2019 led to plans to extend the schedule of performances into 2020, although the current situation has made this impossible. However, the duo invited two leading exponents of the ‘hot club’ style, bassist Philip Ambuel who is also based in New York (as is Adrien), and Italian colleague Roberto Gervasi, an accordionist, to join them for this unique and very special BJF2020 ‘lockdown’ performance.

Cardiff based Ben combines his classical orchestral commmitments with  an increasing demand for his amazing jazz performances. His jazz repertoire covers all genres, including Swing, Latin, Funk, Electronic and Fusion, Gypsy. Ben performs using an Electric Harp, a Nord Stage 2 Keyboard Synth, and numerous effects pedals.  International festival appearances  include the  Cambridge Jazz Festival,  Wales International Harp Festival, The Edinburgh International Harp Festival, Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend, and Wall2Wall Jazz Festival in the UK and the Prague Harp Festival, Journées Internationales de la harpe dans la Caraïbe, The Dutch Harp Festival, Jazz Harp Academy, and the International Harp Festival of Sentmenat (Spain).

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