BRECON JAZZ CLUB & FESTIVAL is a Trustee/Director of Brecon Jazz (CIO), a charity responsible for running live jazz events all year round including an annual Summer Jazz Festival.
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The local Jazz Club stepped forward in 2015/16 when the then commercial operators withdrew from the Jazz Festival, and for a while, it looked as though the Festival might not continue. After much frantic planning and fundraising everything went ahead anyway (although on a slightly smaller scale) in 2016 and 2017, including virtual & hybrid events and festivals in 2020/21, ensuring an unbroken profile since 1984.

We now offer a menu of (around 30-40) summer concerts, workshops and interesting activities centred on the splendid centre of town Guildhall Theatre, with two more key town venues, an iconic ‘jazz festival’ space, the Castle Ballroom, and new in the community and music network space, the Muse, and The Foundry used for great music and workshops:
• Friday evening, Castle Hotel Ballroom – Big Band (usually), vocals, dancing – to open the weekend
• Saturday evening highlight : Vocal headline and Wales-UK sounds of jazz lineup (Guildhall) and (St Marys), and a carnival parade with free music in the town centre during the day;
• Sunday evening highlight : Award-winning rising stars of the horns; special guest (Guildhall) and (St Marys);

There are usually workshops for all ages and levels, in guitar, voice, percussion, and general music-making for all, a potential film screening and discussion, and exhibitions on music and social contexts around jazz.

Full details tend to get released at the last minute, subject to funding outcomes. You will be the first to know if you are on our mailing list though. Stakeholders in Brecon and the Jazz community are working together to build on the positive partnerships established over the last few years, and to help develop the Festival, which remains acknowledged as unique in the Jazz calendar.

Brecon Jazz Club invites the jazz community to register for advanced information via our on-going contact pages here. We also always welcome new volunteers, enthusiasts and expressions of interest in joining the team as a Trustee or other volunteer.