Every year is special for Brecon Jazz Festival – and 2018 was no different – which which has now celebrated its 35th year. 2016 & 2017 were also special as these were the moments of its reinvention. A group of local partners came together (through the now lead organisaton BRECON JAZZ CLUB MUSIC TRUST & FESTIVAL) in order to plan a more community-led Festival, perhaps a little smaller in scale but not in imagination. It has been a learning journey, taking elements from the past – iconic spaces, a mix of headlines, street scene, social and folk activities, indoor and outdoor venues – and the features of the present. With fewer financial resources, we are making more use of our friends, networks and people, drawing on talent near to hand – or returning – helping us to reimagine a connected festival and weekend of celebration.

The jazz club (as lead Music Curator & Promoter) has also been instrumental in curating special lineups and in drawing together, combining established and new talents, which you will find here. As Tina May observed in 2016, these special ensembles have not been seen or heard together before. Thus something new emerges from this artistic/organisational collaborative process.
So too, the contemporary need not just for ‘celebration’ and ‘festivity’ in the summer calendar but for ‘wellbeing’, and its importance in our artistic, cultural, professional as well as family or personal life is recognised.

A special series of workshops gently helped us all to move on and to walk forward together, invited by the jazz club and led by musician and a music therapist. In 2015 and again in 2016 Brecon Town Council met to agree its ongoing support for a Jazz Festival despite some past difficulties of operation. By new year, a group had formed and was meeting regularly. It comprised a wide range of representatives, from places and spaces, businesses, arts and civic groups, funders and stakeholders, and Friends of Brecon Jazz, a national organisation specifically in support of the Festival.

Upcoming Events
09/08/2020 HUW WARREN & PAULA GARDINER (Online 7th-9th August) @ HW&PG 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 TALK:ERIKA LYONS (online 7th-9th August) @ EL 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 BRUJAS: FLAMENCO TRIO (Online 7th – 9th August) @ BRU 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 EDDIE ROBERTS QUARTET (Online 7th-9th August) @ ER 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 TALK: JOSIE SINNADURAI (Online 7-9TH AUGUST) @ JS 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 PRESERVATION JAZZ: Part 2 (Online 7th-9th August) @ PJ2 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 HOSS, NORCROSS & JOHN-PAUL GARD (Online 7th-9th August) @ HN&LG 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 LAVON HARDISON (Online 7th-9th August) @ LH 9th online VIRTUAL GH Free Entry
09/08/2020 BFT 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 TALK: ASHLEY J LONG (Online 7th-9th August) @ AJL 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 “TALKING GUITARS” (Online 7th-9th August) @ TG 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 ALTERNATE CAKE SWING (Online 7th-9th August) @ ACS 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
09/08/2020 ALINA BZHEZHINSKA DUO (Online 7th – 9th August) @ AB&TK 9th Online VIRTUAL Free Entry
Past Events
08/08/2020 TANGO JAZZ QUARTET (Online 7th-9th August) @ TJQ 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 RACHEL STARRITT TRIO (Online 7th-9th August) @ RS 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 PRESERVATION JAZZ: Part 1 (Online 7th -9th August) @ PJ1 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 RUTH BOWEN QUARTET (Online 7th -9th August) @ RB 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 DEELEE DUBÉ (Online 7th-9th August) @ DD 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 NURDLE:JOE NORTHWOOD (Online 7th-9th AUGUST) @ JN 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 AB&AS 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 PRESERVATION JAZZ: Part 1 (Online 7th -9th August) @ PJ1 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 TALKS:JAZZ PIANO & COMMUNITY JAZZ, UKES (Online 7-9th August) @ CJ 8th Online VIRTUAL VARIOUS
08/08/2020 ALAN BARNES & ATSUKO SHIMADA TRIO (Online 7th – 9th August) @ AB&AS 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 STEVE LEHMAN: IN CONVERSATION (On-line 7-9th August) @ SL 8th online VIRTUAL GH
08/08/2020 YURIE HU & HUW WARREN (Online 7th – 9th August) @ YH&HW 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 TRANSATLANTIC HOT CLUB (Online 7th – 9th August) @ TH 8th Online VIRTUAL
08/08/2020 MANUSHAN (Online 7th-9th August) @ MN 8th Online VIRTUAL GH
07/08/2020 VICTORIA KLEWIN (On-line 7-9th August) @ VK 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 SIGLO SECTION BIG BAND (Online 7th-9th August) @ SS 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 BARB JUNGR (Online 7th-9th August) @ BJ 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 HOT CLUB GALLOIS (Online 7th-9th August) @ HCG 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 BRYAN CORBETT QUARTET (Online 7th-9th August) @ BC 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 DISCUSSION:TONY KOFI & ALAN BARNES (7-9th August) @ TK&AB 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 LENORE RAPHAEL TRIO (Online 7th-9th August) @ LR 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 JAZZ CONVERSATIONS (Online 7-9th August) @ IC 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 MOOD INDIGO EVENTS (Online 7th-9th August) @ MI 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 BRECON JAZZ & ITS SUPPORTERS (Online 7-9th August) @ FOBJ 7th Online VIRTUAL
07/08/2020 TALK:MACIEK PYSZ (Online 7th-9th August) @ MP 7th Online virtual
10/03/2020 Private: VICTORIA KLEWIN & JIM BARBER TRIO, Tues 10th Mar 8pm @ 8pm 10th Muse Arts
11/02/2020 Private: KEVIN LAWLER TRIO, Tues 11th Feb 8pm @ 8pm 11th Muse Arts
14/01/2020 Private: RUTH BOWEN TRIO & FRIENDS Tues 14th Jan 8pm @ 8pm 14th The Muse
10/12/2019 Private: ‘HOT CLUB GALLOIS’ Tues 10th Dec 8pm @ 8pm 10th Muse Arts
12/11/2019 Private: WILL BARNES’ – Trio de Mons 12th Nov 8pm @ 8pm 12th Muse Arts
22/10/2019 Private: SARAH MORROW QUARTET 22 OCT 8PM @ 8pm 22nd Castle Hotel Brecon
11/08/2019 STOCHELO ROSENBERG QUINTETTE – Sun 11th Aug 4.00pm @ 4pm 11th Theatr Brychieoniog
11/08/2019 Private: RORY INGHAM QUINTET – Sun 11th Aug 6.30pm @ 6.30pm 11th St Marys
10/08/2019 BARBARA DENNERLEIN TRIO – Sat 10th Aug 5.00pm @ 5pm 10th Guildhall Theatre
10/08/2019 SCOTT HAMILTON QUARTET – Sat 10th Aug 8.00pm @ 8pm 10th Guildhall Theatre
09/08/2019 Private: MACIEK PYSZ ‘Jazz Talk’ – FRI 9th Aug 1:00pm @ 1pm 9th Ty Helyg
09/08/2019 Private: Steve waterman’s FESTIVAL BIG BAND – Fri 9th Aug 7:30pm @ 7.30pm 9th Castle Hotel
09/08/2019 Private: SIRIOL & TALFAN JENKINS – Fri 9th Aug 8.00pm @ 8pm 9th Ty Helyg
09/08/2019 Private: SAMANTHA WRIGHT QUINTET – Fri 9th Aug 2:15pm @ 2.15pm 9th The Muse
09/08/2019 Private: LIANE CARROLL, ‘SIDE BY SIDE’ FUNDRAISER – Fri 9th Aug 6pm @ 6pm 9th St Marys
11/06/2019 Private: NEW GENERATION JAZZ Two Trios, Tues 11 June 8.00pm @ 8pm 11th The Muse
14/05/2019 Private: BEN THOMAS / JULIAN MARTIN QUARTET 14 May 8pm @ 8pm 14th Muse
09/04/2019 Private: DAVE JONES QUARTET 9 April 8pm @ 8pm 9th Muse Arts
12/03/2019 Private: VICTORIA KLEWIN / DAVE COTTLE TRIO 12th Mar 8pm @ 8pm 12th Muse Arts
12/02/2019 Private: HUW WARREN TRIO 12th Feb 8pm @ 8pm 12th Muse Arts
08/01/2019 Private: RUTH BOWEN TRIO 8th Jan 8pm @ 8pm 8th The Muse
11/12/2018 Private: SWING STYLE QUARTET 11th Dec 8:00pm @ 8pm 11th The MUse
13/11/2018 Private: DARIO NAPOLI Gypsy jazz TRIO 13th Nov 8pm @ 8pm 13th Muse
11/10/2018 Private: IAN POOLE TRIO & GUEST 9th Oct 8.00pm @ 8:0 9th Muse
11/09/2018 Private: NIGEL PRICE ORGAN TRIO TUES 11th Sept 8.00pm @ 8.00 11th Muse
12/08/2018 Private: Czech Connection Sun 12th 8.30pm @ 8.30pm 12TH Wellington Suite
12/08/2018 Private: JIM HART Vibes – Sun 12th ‘Cloudmakers’ Trio 7pm @ 7pm 12th Guildhall
12/08/2018 Private: HARMONICA JAZZ: ‘Toots Thielemans and Beyond’ Sun 12th Aug 3.30pm @ 3.30 12th Wellington
12/08/2018 Private: Welsh Jazz Folk & More SUN 12th Aug 12:00 @ 12.0 12th Muse Arts
12/08/2018 Private: JOSEPHINE DAVIES TRIO – ‘Satori’ Sun 12th 5.15pm @ 5.15 12th St Marys Stage
11/08/2018 Private: “Speakeasy & Hot Jazz” Sat 11th Aug 7pm-Late @ 7:0 11th Market Hall
11/08/2018 Private: PAVEL PQ Czech Quartet Sat 11th Aug 7.00pm @ 7pm 11th St Marys Stage
10/08/2018 Private: Jazz Guitar Duo – Fri 10th Aug 2:15pm @ 2.15pm 10th Ty Helyg Lounge
10/08/2018 Private: IAN SHAW – ‘SIDE BY SIDE’ REFUGEE AID FUNDRAISER Fri 10th Aug 6pm @ 6pm 10th St Marys Stage
10/08/2018 Private: Workshops Programme 2018 FRI-SUN @ Fri-Sun Various Venues
09/08/2018 Private: Rhys Taylor Dixie Band 9th Aug 7.30pm @ 7.30pm 9th Theatr Brycheiniog
09/01/2018 Private: DEBS HANCOCK QUARTET 9TH JAN 8PM @ 8pm 9th Muse Arts
01/01/1970 BRECON JAZZ & ITS SUPPORTERS (Online 7-9th August) @ BJ&S 7th Online
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