ST MARYS - Brecon Jazz Festival & Club 2022-23

St Marys Church Stage & Tower cafe
Noted for its perpendicular Buckingham Tower – the finest in Powys – making it the most prominent building in Brecon. St Marys has occupied this site for over 900 years. Originally built as a chapel of ease to the Priory (now the Cathedral). The Norman pillar, and a grant from the Town Council in the 12th century for the offering of Mass, testify to its early origins. The Nearby Church House, or Bishop Bevan Hall as it is known locally, is also a complex of medieval and modern buildings owned by the Parish. The Hall seats about 100 people and is often used as a ‘Club House’ over the Jazz Festival weekend. St Marys Church & Tower cafe have helped organise a joint Jazz programme which can be Downloaded HERE.

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