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Brecon Jazz Club ‘Member 2021 Discount Card’ is just £12 (one person) or £24 (family of 2-3 people)

This provides a discount of approx 20% on Door or Online entry to all monthly Brecon Jazz Club jazz sessions held at the Muse (and occasional other venues), and is valid for 12 months via renewal annually on 1st January. The card also allows members to sign in one guest per membership at the lower ‘member’ rate advertised for the event.

New members are always welcome – join anytime online here CLICK_HERE or on the door, which helps to support the club and its programming. We are entirely dependent on your continuing support and active membership – Thank you all! Not yet a member? – join NOW and get all benefits through to Dec 2020.

Or joint members with Pay Pal here:

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“The beauty of Brecon is the sheer variety of music on offer, covering all jazz styles from trad to the avant garde. Also the way that the Festival takes over the whole town still makes it something truly special” Jazz Mann 2008

"Whatever your strategy, Brecon Jazz delivers, thanks to its geography and programming"John L Walters. The Guardian 2011

"Yes, it’s had its ups and downs, every bit as dramatic as the Beacons which rise above it, but the Brecon Jazz Festival has learned some tough survival skills as a result".  Peter Bacon, UK Jazz News 2018

"Virtual BJF2020 - Considering the obstacles associated with the pandemic, it was the triumph of organisation and technical expertise over limitation – so much so that while one might have wanted the real thing, its substitute may well develop a life of its own".  Nigel Jarrett, Wales Arts Review 2020

"The classic Brecon weekend is 9-11 August but there are several other excellent events around the festival this year including family jazz and dance on the first weekend and a film and jazz focus on the last". Tim Dickeson, Jazzwise 2024


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